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Born 2018

Majeed-Bypajany Magma   ** New **



Born 2015

Ch. Khiva's Ghost Star (“Ghost”) 

Ch. Khiva’s Glamorous Glitter Shine (“Glitter”)  

GCh. Khiva’s Lily (“Lily”)  

Khiva’s Nomadic Varekai (“Kai”)  

Ch. Khiva’s Persian Gypsy (“Gypsy”) 

Ch. Khiva’s Virginia Gentleman at Nymrod JC (“Jefferson”)



Born 2013


Ch. Khiva's Dazzling Diego ("Diego")  ** Updated **

Khiva's Cream Dream ("Ravi")

SBIS GCh Ch Khiva's Enchanted Dream ("Shayla")

Ch. Khiva's Funtastic Feisha ("Feisha")  ** Updated **



Born 2012

SBIS GCh. Khiva's Karanfil Peregrin, JC (“Peregrin”)  

Ch. Khiva's Eowyn, CGC, SC (“Eowyn”)

Ch. Khiva's Gandalf of Isirad (“Gandalf”)  

SBIS Ch. Khiva's Jondee Evenstar of Queeba, RN, SC, CGC (“Jondee”) 

Am GCh Ch, Can Ch. SBIS Khiva's Samwise of Isirad, JC, CGC, NA, NF, OAJ (“Samwise”)

Ch. Khiva's Arwen of Isirad (“Arwen”)



Born 2010

SBIS GCh Ch Khiva's Tova ("Tova")

Ch. Khiva's Troika ("Troy")

Ch. Khiva's Treye ("Trey")



Born 2008


GCh Ch Khiva's Natasha Vananda ("Bayli")

Khiva's Perfect Timing, JC ("Kai") 

Ch. Khiva’s Akilah (“Akilah”)



Born 2006


Ch. Khiva's Hot Stuff ("Pepper")

Ch. Khiva's When Your Hot, Your Hot ("Garth")

Khiva's Georgia On My Mind ("Georgia")

Ch. Khiva's Aswad Dacota ("Dacota")



Born 2005

Dual Ch. Khiva's Ringoji of Batu, JC, SC ("Ringoji")

Ch. Lamaan Iesin of Khiva ("Opal")

Ch. Bark and Dives Sophia Haj of Khiva ("Sophia")



Born 2004

Multiple SBIS Ch. Khiva's Rami Rasil ("Rami")   ** Updated **

Multi-SBOS GCh Ch Khiva's Sasha Kishon ("Sasha")

BIS Ch. Khiva's Doukhtar H Rafi ("Tara")

Khiva's Serafina ("Serafina")



Born 2001


Ch. Khiva's Midnight Escapade ("Daphne")

Ch. Khiva's Midnight Magic ("Magic")

Ch. Khiva's Moonlight Serenade ("Megan")

Khiva's Raven About You ("Raven")

BIS and German CH. Khiva's Silver Diamond ("Dante")



Khiva's Baha Nina ("Nina")

Ch. Khiva's Daylan A Baha ("Daylan")

BIS and Multi-SBIS GCh Ch Khiva's Prophet of Baha, CD, RA, SC ("Prophet") 

Khiva's Sarafina al Baha ("Sarah")



Born 1998

Multiple BIS and Multiple SBIS Ch. Baklava's Rafi Rasil of Khiva ("Rafi")

Ch. Khiva's Desimir Kamkari ("Desi") 

Ch. Khiva's Gwynasha Kishon ("Gwynn")

Ch. Khiva's Kallisto Al Capian ("Kallisto")

Ch. Khiva's Shankar Al Caspian ("Ravi")



Born 1997

Ch. Khiva's Ali Khayyam ("Calvin")

Khiva's Anjani Al Capian ("Ruby")

Khiva's Eidolon Akyra, JC ("Kira")

Ch. Khiva's Eliana Seraiah, JC ("Eliana")

Khiva's Leilani Al Capian ("Lani")

Khiva's Tariq ("Tariq")



Born 1994

Ch. Khiva's Apollo ("Apollo")

Ch. Khiva's Athena ("Hannah")



Born 1991

Multiple SBIS Ch. Khiva's Ari Izmira ("Ari")

Ch. Khiva's Ari Katir ("Katir")



Born 1986

Ch. Khiva's Ariana Amulet ("Zipper")

Ch. Khiva's Kassan Al Capian ("Leo")

Ch. Khiva's Makesha ("Griz")

Ch. Khiva's Tarred And Feathered ("Tarton")



Born 1984

SBIS Ch. Zabarre's Shamir of Khiva ("Shamir")



Born 1982

American and Mexican Ch. Khiva's Khashima ("Khiv")



Born 1980

Ch. Khiva's Karavan of Zuhair, CD ("Kara")



Born 1978

American and Mexican Ch. Zazanie's Amulet of Khiva ("Amy") 



Born 1977

American, Mexican and Canadian Ch. Ananda's Komack of Khiva ("Georgio")



Born 1974

American, Mexican and Canadian Ch. Ananda’s Kovan of Khiva ("Oso")


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